Online IELTS Achievers

Under guidance of  Mr. Pravin Salkade a senior IELTS trainer many students have scored 9 band score (100% score) in Writing, Speaking, Reading and Listening modules of IELTS test from all over the world. Meet some of our achievers.

Pankaj Kakode IELTS Score: 8.5 I am very thankful to you for the support extended to me in the preparation for the test. The timely feedback for the essays and the tips for the reading and listening proved very useful. The individual speaking sessions and the group sessions improved my confidence levels to face the examiners. Once again thanks for all the cooperation. Warm Regards- Pankaj Pai Kakode

Online IELTS Student from India.

Navneet Arya High Profile SGC, in my experience is a centre with a complete understanding of what do they offer to their students. From experienced faculty to very basic career counseling, High Profile SGC has it all. Learning English and preparing for Exams such as IELTS,  I believe, had become easier for me once I stepped into the center; moreover, when I look back and think of what I was, it makes me realize the key role that High Profile SGC has played for what I am now. I positively believe this works same for other students and forthcoming batches as well. None the less, institute provides all required study material for the IELTS and an immensely supportive environment within. High Profile SGC endows students with a powerful set of English learning that modifies itself according to student’s individual capability to get the very best out of each. I scored Band 7 in the Exam. Thanking you Navneet Arya

Research Associate University of Sunderland., Current stay at Sheffield. South Yorkshire S80rl, England

Utkarsh Soni,

                                IELTS Score 8.5
Pravin Sir’s training is absolutely flawless without which I couldn’t have scored my dream score of 8.5 in IELTS. I would like to emphasize that his expert advice and techniques on reading and listening section were the sole reason behind my 9 band score in them. His extensive speaking sessions with day-to-day monitoring, feedback and consistent improvement made my speaking test a breeze. Same goes for the writing session for which immense relevant material had been provided from day one. I would also like to take this opportunity to absolutely confirm that Pravin’s sir experience, advice, material, guidance and knowledge is enough for anyone to get any desired score in IELTS so choose this institute blindly if you want the best available IELTS preparation.
Utkarsh Soni

IELTS Classroom Student

IELTS Score: 8

Hi Pravin,
                 With your immaculate guidance today I got more than my desired score. Listening 8, Writing 7.5, Speaking 8, Reading 9, Overall=8. You are an Inspiration who changed my world.
With Regards Paritosh


Online IELTS Student From Singapore

Shabina Khan

Hello Pravin,
With your unique and easy way of teaching IELTS, I got my required score. Thank you so much and wishing you good luck always.

Shabina Khan

Online IELTS Student from Australia.

Dr. Parth Shukla My experience at High Profile SGC was extremely satisfying. I am a working individual and I had very little time for IELTS preparation. However, the day I met Mr. Salkade, my confidence grew and I knew that with his personal attention and guidance I will be able to achieve a good score in IELTS. Mr. Salkade provided me with the latest test materials for preparation and gave individual attention to me after his evening classes. I was highly impressed with his teaching abilities. I would say that the USP of High Profile SGC is that you get guidance from an extremely passionate teacher like Mr. Salkade and one gets individual attention in his classes. WIth Mr. Salkade’s guidance, I was able to achieve an overall band score of 8.0 in IELTS. At High Profile SGC, you know you are in the best place for IELTS preparation. Thank you Sir once again ! Dr. Parth Shukla

Online IELTS Student from India.

Mohammed Jibran Khan Dear sir, By the grace of almighty and your help I have scored 8 in my IELTS test. Thanks a lot sir. Hope I made you proud. With regards- Mohammed Jibran Khan

Online IELTS Student from Australia.

Sumit Rao IELTS Score: 7.5 Hi Pravin, I got my IELTS score just now, and couldn’t wait to email you the same. I got my desired score of 7 in each of the sections. Warm Regards- Sumit Rao

Online IELTS Student from USA.

Dr. Madhur Gupta Overall Score: 7.5 I am writing as I wish to express my deepest gratitude to your institute for helping me in IELTS  test preparation and achieving the desired band, which otherwise would not be possible. As I am working and had less time to focus on the examination preparation , but your group discussion and tutorials helped me to get confidence within a short span of time. Once again, I would very much like to appreciate you and Mr. Jitendra Sir, as you helped me develop command over all modules and also helped me in improving my grammatical range and accuracy. I wish you and your institution a bright future. Warm Regards, Madhur Gupta

Online IELTS Student from China.

IELTS Score: 8

I was quite confident of my English as I had always been in an English environment. However, when I decided to take my IELTS exam and tested myself, I found that I was not being able to score more than 6 each. I tried my best to find the best tutor possible and visited more than 3 coaching but was not satisfied with their level of teaching. When I was about to give up, I was suggested High Profile SGC where I found Salkade sir and immediately realised that this was the kind of personal attention and guidance I needed to improve myself. Just after a few weeks of mine and sir’s hard labour, I found myself improving exponentially. finally, after a month’s training under sir’s guidance and his belief in me, I was able to achieve an overall score of 8.

I thank you for everything sir and may God bless you.

Sameer Ali

IELTS Classroom Student

Nina IELTS Score: Pravin, Just to let you know my results: Listening: 7, Reading: 6.5, Writing: 7.5, Speaking: 8.0. Thank you so much for your help. I will recommend your course to anyone: “It is so much better than the course, I did in London.” Thank u again- Nina

Online IELTS Student from London.

Shridhar B

Dear Sir,
Trust this email finds you good. I got the following score.
Listening – 8, Reading – 7.5, Writing – 7,  Speaking – 8
Just wanted to inform you, and thank you for your classes.

With Regards-

Shridhar B

Online IELTS Student from Singapore

Prabhash Chandra I have got this opportunity to write a testimonial for High Profile SGC’s ( Mr. Pravin Salkade’s ) online ielts coaching class. First of all I would like to thank Pravin because of whom I could achieve 7 bands . The group session which Pravin use to conduct was really helpful . I made few friends through those sessions and we use to discuss our problem areas,  I practiced with all of the test and study material provided by Pravin and I got instant feedback on my essays which greatly helped me to get my desired score of band 7 in IELTS General Training. I live in Australia and due to the full time work I was not able to get enough time but whenever I needed pravin he was always there for me . He got such a positive energy in him which give his student hell lot of confidence to clear this exam. I was taking online training via Skype with Pravin.  I will strongly recommend to all international students who are stuck with getting desired score in IELTS to join Pravin’s online coaching class. Again, Many thanks to you from me and my family for helping me achieve me desired score in IELTS as it means a lot to me. Thanks- Prabhash Chandra

Online IELTS Student from Australia.

Garima Sharma,
I have got this opportunity to write a testimonial for High Profile SGC ( Mr. Pravin Salkade’s ) Online IELTS coaching class. Since I joined this class, I have seen tremendous changes in myself. I felt more confident while taking my last attempt of IELTS General Training. I practised with all of the test and study material provided by Pravin Sir and I got instant feedback on my results and doubts while working with Pravin Sir which greatly helped me to get my desired score of band 7 in IELTS General Training. I was taking online training via Skype with Pravin Sir since I am residing in Toronto, Canada. Me and my family heartily thank to Sir for helping me in getting desired score in IELTS for immigration purpose. I will strongly recommend to all international students who are stuck with getting desired score in IELTS to join Pravin Sir’s online coaching class. Again, many thanks to you from me and my family for helping me achieve me desired score in IELTS as it means a lot to me. Thanks-

Garima Sharma

Online IELTS Student from Canada.


Hi Pravin,
I got my results.I got R-8.5 L-8.5 S- 7.5 and W- 7. Thanks a lot for all your kind help. You made me focused and relaxed for the exam.
Regards: Raji.


online IELTS Student from Hyderabad, India

Achieve 9 band score in IELTS Writing, 9 band score in IELTS Reading, 9 band score in IELTS Speaking, 9 band score in IELTS Listening.

Testimonial Online IELTS Student
Name: Rajendra Nuthalapati from Netherlands
Overall Score: 7.5

Testimonial Rajendra

Testimonial Online IELTS Student
Name: Shalini Mohan from UK

Testimonial Shalini_UK

Aswathy (Online IELTS Student from Singapore.)
Speaking: 7.5
Reading: 7.5
Listening: 7.5
Writing: 7
Overall: 7.5
Dear Sir,
                I would like to thank you for guiding and motivating me throughout in
improving my English skills in all the four areas of testing, without which I wouldn’t be able to get the needed score. Thanking You. Your’s Sincerely: Aswathy
Obai Arsiwala (Online IELTS Student from Australia.)
Hello Mr Pravin,
                                Thanks a lot for all your help.
With your guidance I managed to score the following score.
Listening 8, Reading 8, Writing 7.5, Speaking 8
I scored an overall 8. Thanks a lot once again.
I’ll definitely recommend you to a few of my friends.
Thanks once again- Obai Arsiwala
Sadat Khan (Overall IELTS Score=8.0) Sir it was not possible without your  guidance, thanks a lot. With regards- Sadat Khan
Suraj Bagga (Online IELTS Student from India.)
Hi Pravin, I have secured 7 band score in IELTS.  Thanks for your guidance.
With Regards- Suraj

Tej Karan Anand IELTS Score: 7.5  “Thank you very much for your guidance and support through which I have achieved the overall score of 7.5. The credit goes to you Sir. With regards- Tej Anand

Manraj Kang (Online IELTS Student from USA.) IELTS Score:7.5
Hi Pravin,
How’s everything going? So I got my result today and I got the required score. Thank you very much for your teachings, It really helped me a lot, you r really a fantastic teacher. Thank you so much again for your help. With Regards-Manraj
Abhilash Jaiswal My experience at High Profile SGC was extremely satisfying and I am very happy to have met a mentor like Mr.Pravin Salkade. I had only 20 days to prepare for IELTS and being a working professional I had less time during the day for the preparations but Mr. Salkade made sure that i was given proper time,guidance and attention during my sessions. From the first day itself I knew that I have come to the right place and my confidence kept on increasing from the regular interactions that I had with Mr.Salkade.The tips and tricks proved very beneficial. The exam day felt like my routine day at High Profile SGC and when IELTS concluded I knew I was set for a good score. Many Many Thanks to you sir for your guidance and patience with me. Best regards- Abhilash Jaiswal
Himanshu Bansal IELTS Score:7.5 I got 7 plus in all 4J. Online ielts training was a wonderful experience. Thanks a lot for all your guidance and help. You gave me some important pointers, which helped me quite a lot in improving my English. I will keep on working on those pointers going forward as well, and hope to get stronger. Thank you once again J Regards-Himanshu
Dr. Lisa Joshi (Residing in Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh, India) “I had undergone the online IELTS preparation course of the High Profile SGC under Mr.Pravin Salkade and it really helped me to achieve my desired score in the IELTS exam within a month and my overall score was 7. I highly recommend the High Profile SGC to all IELTS takers. Regards-Lisa Joshi.

Our recent IELTS achievers. Congratulations to all of our test achievers.

Miss Garima Sharma on  scoring 7 in IELTS (GTR) our Online IELTS student from Canada. Mr. Abhisekh on scoring 9 band score  in General training Reading our Online student from Delhi, India. Ms Bhavani Harshini on scoring 7.5 band score our Online student from London. Mr. Kaushal on scoring 8 in General Training (9 in Reading) our Online IELTS student from UAE. Mr. Himanshu Bansal on scoring 7.5, 9 in listening our Online student from New Delhi, India. Ms Binsi on scoring 7 in each section of Academic module our Online student from UK. Himanshu Bansal score- 7.5 band score, 9 band score in Listening. Abhilash Jaiswal. Mrs. Anuradha Mahadik score- 8 band score, 9 band score in Reading. Dr. Manisha Chouhan-8 band score in Academic. Dr. Mahima Indulkar – 8 band score in Academic. Dr. Parth Shukla -8 band score in General Trg. Mr. Ankur Joshi-7.5 overall Lovepreet Singh 8.5 band score in Academic Reading and overall 7.5. Dr. Amruta Gupte – 7.5 in Academic Mihir Jain -7 band Score in (Academic Module) Neelesh Kumar Singhal and Mr. Tej Anand-7.5 band Score in (General Training) Mahek Dhoot- band score- 7 Dr. Lisa- band score 7 Amandeep Singh Deol – band score 7 Ms Manraj Kang , Mr. Dhaval Shah on scoring 7.5 and 7 band score respectively in IELTS. Mr. Ahmed Elaskar on scoring 9 in General Training Reading (8 overall). Ms Sripriya Polu (7 in each section in General training) and Arvinder Singh on scoring 8.5 in Academic Reading (7.5 overall). Mr. Gurmeet Singh on scoring 8.5 in Listening and 8 in Academic Reading. Mr. Pundit (Pune) on scoring 9 in General Trg Reading( overall 8 band score). Mr. Abhilash Jaiswal on scoring 8 in Academic module. (Listening=8, Reading=8, Writing=8, Speaking=7.5). Mr. Shenoy  and  Miss Harsimran Kaur on scoring 8 in IELTS test. Mr. Gurvinder Singh on scoring 9 in Listening and 8.5 in Academic Reading. Mr. Agam Saluja on scoring 8.5 in Listening. Swapnil Sagar on scoring 9 in Academic Reading (overall 8). Ms Elizabeth on scoring 8.5 in IELTS Academic Reading. Dr. Anuradha Mahadik on scoring overall 8 (9 band score in Reading). Ms Shikha Budhlani & Amandeep Singh Deol on accomplishing 7 band score in IELTS test. Mr. Ankur Joshi on scoring 9 in Listening (100%) and overall 7.5 band score in IELTS test. Dr. Manisha Chouhan overall band Score 8.0. Dr. Amruta Gupte on accomplishing  7.5 band score in IELTS test. Mahek Dhoot  7 and Dr. Lisa Joshi 7. Mihir Jain on achieving 7 band score in IELTS (Academic Module).

Our students who achieved expert rating (100% score) in IELTS exam.

Dr. Rohit Bansal- 9 band score in IELTS Writing (100% score) Mugdha Arora- 9 band score in IELTS Speaking (100% score) Dr. V. Perumal- 9 band score in IELTS Reading (100% score) Mrs. Anuradha Mahadik- 9 band score in IELTS Reading (100% score) Dr. Saurabh- 9 band score in IELTS Listening (100% score) Syed Adil, Dr. Mahima, Mr. Bedekar, Ankur Joshi, Parvez Ansari, Pulkit Soni, K. Prashant, Preeti Sharma, Ankur Pandya, Shuchi Sethi, Dr. Priya Mantri. For more details and queries feel free to contact us