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Practicable IELTS tips and Tricks which can help you understand how to score 7 plus in IELTS test. These tips are regularly updated by the Senior Online IELTS trainer for your benefit.

IELTS Tips and Tricks by Senior IELTS trainer, Tips to Score 7 Plus in IELTS.

If you are looking for no nonsense practicable IELTS tips and tricks which can help you understand how to score 7 plus in IELTS test, this page is for you. These tips are regularly updated by the senior Online IELTS trainer for your benefit. His tips have helped many local and International students to excel in both Academic and General IELTS test.

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IELTS Reading Tips for 7 plus band score.

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The Reading test may sometimes include questions that test your overall understanding of a passage. For example, the question may ask what the topic of a particular passage is. Try underlining key words and ideas in each paragraph as you read to help you understand the key message of each passage In Reading, it is helpful if you not only read the questions first, but encircle the key words as well. In the next stage, read these keywords twice and specifically scan the paragraph for these key words or their equivalent words. You will find that this tip will help you in being focused and would also save your time .

IELTS Reading Tips

Besides looking for synonyms of the key words to scan for, consider the word form that would work in the gap/blank (noun/adjective/verb/adverb, etc) and use your skimming skills beforehand to get an idea of how the text is organized so you know where to search out your answer within the passage. For the most part, you do need to scan for key words in the question to help you find the answer. Besides looking for synonyms of the key words to scan for, consider the word form that would work in the gap / blank (noun/ adjective/ verb/ adverb, etc) and use your skimming skills beforehand to get an idea of how the text is organized so you know where to search out your answer within the passage. For the most part, you do need to scan for key words in the question to help you find the answer.

IELTS Listening Tips for 7 plus band score.

Make sure you use the time given at the beginning of each section well. — Circle or underline the keywords in each question — Predict what kind of answer you need (name, number, price,  verb etc) — As you listen, use your keywords to locate the answer in the recording. A. Try to listen for key words or synonyms (words that have the same or nearly the same meaning as another word) from the question to help you identify the answer. For example, in the recording you might hear: “She likes going to the gym and playing tennis.” On your answer sheet, this could appear as “She is an active person.” B. 1.  At the beginning of each section read the questions for that section carefully, before the recording starts. This will help you to follow the recording and identify the answers. At the end of Listening test, you get 10 minutes to transfer your answer from question paper to answer sheet. Use this time to check your spelling and grammar as well. This will help you improve your listening test score. 2. After completing a section, it is better to look ahead and read the questions for the next section than to worry about the last section

IELTS Writing tips for 7 plus band score.

Tip1 Tip to score 7 plus in  IELTS Essays: IELTS Writing Tip to score high: Understand the topic well. This is extremely important. Pay attention to the words such as “only”. Example: Essay Topic: Career choice is the only major decision for young people. To what extent do you agree or disagree? If you only explain the importance of career planning, your task response will be incomplete. Also, this is a discursive essay in which counter argument is essential Tip2 Top 3 IELTS Writing Tips from IDp Australia. 1: Don’t describe every detail of the information. 2: Choose the most important and interesting features to write about (key features). 3: Don’t forget to include an overview sentence of the key features you’ve written about. Tip3 You do not have to write very long sentences to do well in your  Writing test. If sentences are too long, they will become less  coherent and also make it harder for you to control the grammar. Identify whether the question is personal (Do you like—/Do you prefer) or General. ( What are the qualities of a good friend?) and answer accordingly . In personal questions, do not say: some people think– or in general questions do not say : My best friend has — qualities. Answering inappropriately, without paying heed to the question, might affect your score. Why Subject-Verb or Subject pronoun agreement important? It is important for a good score. Here is a quiz: choose the correct answer. 1.Everyone has/have some problems. 2.We has/have our  ielts test next week. 3.Reading books is/are a good habit. 4.She has his/her own laptop. 5.They have their/our own problems. Avoid the most common errors: 1. Incomplete task Response: Have you covered all aspects of the task fully or not. Crosscheck it. 2. Generalization: Avoid it. 3. Intrusive grammar mistakes: Avoid these as they affect your score. 4. Avoid repetition of vocabulary by paraphrasing and good collocation.

IELTS Speaking Tips for 7 plus band score.

There are no right or wrong answers in the Speaking test. The examiner will assess you on how well you can express your ideas  and opinions in good English. There are no spelling or vocabulary tests in the IELTS, but you need to use them in every part of the IELTS test: In the reading, listening and writing tests, you have to use the correct word form (noun, verb, adjective) and correct spelling. And in the writing and speaking tests, you have to correctly use a wide range of words to get a high score. Try to avoid repeating the words used in the examiner’s question.  Use your own words to show the examiner your full ability. Use of Idioms: Account for – 1.  To be the primary factor in: Traffic jam accounted for the long delay. 2.  To provide  justification for: John could not account for his absence on Monday.

Tips that help to Score 7 Plus in IELTS

Tip 1 Useful Speaking Expressions : 1.Do you think fast food is bad?: I would go for a mixed answer. 2.When questions( Simple Present): When do people give gifts or presents to others): Generally on weekends/festivals/birthdays. 3.When questions (past Tense: When did you last receive a gift)—I guess, it was on my last birthday/when I passed my 12th class perhaps. Tip 2 Powerful vocabulary to improve your IELTS Score: 1. Practicable 2. Environmentally friendly 3. Arguably Example: 1. This solution does not seem to be practicable. 2. We should use environmentally friendly products. 3. Price is arguably a major consideration when we buy consumer durable. TIP 3 Some powerful words which can enrich your diction 1. Notwithstanding: Preposition ( in spite of),Adverb (nevertheless, in spite of this),conjunction (although, in spite of the fact that) 2. Admittedly( to express concession or recognition). 3. vitally important: very important.

Is your IELTS  Academic or General Training writing score lower than your other skill scores ?

You might not have fully addressed the  topic question, and thus would have got a low score in “Task Response”. In Task 2 you must analyse the question, as there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to essay answers in the IELTS. For a start,, determine how many items in the question you have to address. Do you have to agree OR disagree with a statement (1 item) or does the question ask you to discuss both sides and give your opinion (3 items). Sometimes the topic itself has multiple parts to it and you need to make sure you address all parts. Sometimes, an otherwise very good answer will fail to address the task fully. 25% of the Writing score for Task 2 (GT and Academic ) is based on the completeness of the response. This criterion is referred to as “Task Response”. If all parts of the Writing Task 2 are addressed, a person will score band 6 or higher for this quarter of their Task 2 score. So responding to every individual part of a Writing task is very important. The other 75% of the score for Task 2 in Writing is based on vocabulary, accurate grammar and the structure and linking of ideas.

Speaking topics for IELTS Preparation.

1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of emails, compared to handwritten letters? 2. Decision making & young people (or children), Are children influenced in the same way by parents and by grandparents. 3. Leisure time, Compare the way old people and young people spend their leisure time. 4. Money & Work, Can you give me some examples of how different jobs have different salaries? (Give both high-paying & low-paying examples) In India, do men and women receive the same pay for doing the same work? 5. Places for public Use, Compare public facilities (such as parks) in India today to those of the past.

Writing topics for IELTS Preparation.

1. Some people think that hard working and determination are the key factors for being successful in the life, other people feel that other factors are important. Discuss both sides, what is your opinion? 2. Some children start school when they are seven years old, while others start at the age of four. What could be the advantages and disadvantages of starting early (age four). 3.People try to change their look by changing the colour of their hair, using cosmetics, wearing jewellery or even having a plastic surgery done. Why do you think people do it? Do you think changing your look is a good thing? 4.Usually directors are paid much higher salaries than simple workers. Some people agree with this but others believe it is unfair. Discuss both views and give your own opinion on the topic. 5.Some say that cars should be banned from city centres. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Read instructions carefully, don’t just glance at them. They are not always the same as in the practice or previous tests. For more secret listening and Reading  tips, follow us on Twitter. For more details and queries feel free to contact us