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Online IELTS Test (General and Academic): Target 7+ band score Training and preparation course

for Australia,India,UK,UAE,Singapore,Canada,Malaysia,Ireland & Switzerland in India is being

offered by a senior ielts trainer.

Learn how to score 7+ or 8  in ielts test in each module : Listening,Reading,Writing and Speaking

How the online ielts target 7+ band score training course is conducted?: Regular and Crash course

The course involves both on line and offline interaction.

The online sessions are offered through Skype.

Skype sessions will cover tutorials,feedback, difficulty solving,

speaking practice and vocabulary support.

Offline Practice: 60- 80 hours.

It involves correction of your writing tasks and practice tests

which you can do as per your own convenience.

Who can join the online IELTS training course?:

Students and professionals in any part of the world can join.

Who is the trainer?

Mr Pravin Salkade is a senior ielts trainer who has been offering  online and class room training to  students from all over the world for ielts (Academic and General Training )test.He has 13+ years experience in this field.Under his guidance many  students have scored  9 band score(100% score) in Writing,Speaking,Reading and Listening modules.He has taught students from USA,Australia,Canada, New Zealand, UK, Italy, Switzerland,Mauritius, South Korea, China and India.He has been a committed teacher who has helped many students achieve their target score in ielts test.He has devised a system by which students can overcome their problems and succeed in ielts test with flying colours.His feedback on assignments  is prompt and enlightening.He offers valuable insights on vocabulary and grammar to students as well. He has the capability to turn the strugglers into winners.His methodical approach in simplifying various areas of the test is appreciated by one and all.You can read the testimonials section wherein various ielts achievers  have given feedback on his teaching  and shared their success stories.Call +91-9229867353 to have the direct interaction with him.

How are the results of your institute ?

Our students who achieved expert rating(100% score)in ielts exam.

Dr. Rohit Bansal: 9 band score in IELTS Writing (100% score)

Mugdha Arora9 band score in IELTS Speaking (100% score)

Mr.Ahmed Elaskar


Mr. Kaushal Lathigara

Mr. Abhisekh (Delhi)

Syed Adil

Dr. Mahima

Mr. Bedekar

Mrs. Anuradha Mahadik

Mr. Kakode 9 band score in IELTS Reading (100% score)

Gurvinder Singh

Ankur Joshi

Parvez Ansari

Pulkit Soni


Preeti Sharma

Ankur Pandya

Shuchi Sethi

Dr. Priya Mantri

Dr. Saurabh- 9 band score in IELTS Listening (100% score)

Our  recent achievers who scored 7/7.5/8/8.5 band score in IELTS test.

Congratulations to all:

Congratulations to Mr. Ahmed Elaskar on scoring 9 in General Training Reading (8 overall)

Mr.Pundit (Pune) on scoring 9 in General Training Reading, 8 in Listening, 7 in Writing and 7 in


Mr. Pankaj Pai Kakode (our online student from Goa,India) on scoring 8.5 overall in IELTS General Training as well as in Academic test.

Mr Kaushal,our online ielts  student from UAE :8 in General Training, 9 in Reading.
Miss Harsimran Kaur on scoring 8 in ielts test.

Mr Gurvinder Singh on scoring 9 in Listening and 8.5 in Academic Reading

Mr Agam Saluja on scoring 8.5 in Listening

Mr Abhisekh, our online student from Delhi on scoring 9 band score  in General training Reading(7.5 overall)

Ms Bhavani Harshini,our online ielts student from London on scoring 7.5 band score

Mr Swapnil Sagar :9 in Academic Reading (8 overall).

Miss Elizabeth for scoring 8.5 in Academic Reading.

Mrs Anuradha Mahadik for scoring -8 band score with 9 band score in Reading.

Dr Manisha Chouhan-8 band score in Academic

Dr Mahima Indulkar - 8 band score in  Academic

Dr Parth Shukla -8 band score in General Trg

Mr Ankur Joshi-7.5 overall

Lovepreet Singh for scoring 8.5 band score in Academic Reading(7.5 overall)

Dr Amruta Gupte - 7.5 in Academic

Mihir Jain -7 band Score in (Academic Module)

Neelesh Kumar Singhal and Mr Tej Anand-7.5 band Score in (General Training)

Mahek Dhoot( 7)

Dr. Lisa (7)

Amandeep Singh Deol (7)

Garima Sharma(7)

Shikha Budhlani(7)

Target 7+ in IELTS Writing (General and Academic)

This course helps the students to overcome their problem areas in writing and propels them to

achieve 7+ in ielts writing. The feedback and training is given by the senior ielts trainer in India with

13+ years experience in ielts coaching. The students have a flexibility to submit the assignments as

per their own convenience.

This course is ideal for students who get 6 or 6.5 band score in IELTS writing which will teach them

how to write at 7/ 8/9 band level in ielts test.Essays, letters and graphs correction services are also available.

If you are from non English medium schooling background, we offer you online English basics & IELTS training course for your sure success.

How to score more than  6.5/7 band score in ielts  writing?

The strengths  of 6.5 band score candidates are:they fully answer the task and present a clear opinion on the issues and relevant main ideas.They make

good use of connectives, their progression of arguments is good,they make good use of vocabulary,their errors in spelling and word form are occasional,

there are few grammatical errors and they use variety of sentence forms accurately and fluently.Then what holds them back?

Don't be strugglers---be the winners.

IELTS Registration Centre for IDP, Australia

Call +91-9229867353

Skype ID for online IELTS classes/Training::pravinsalkade

(Score 7 bands in each section of ielts test.)

Mail at - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Indore, Madhya Pradesh (India)

Get benefited from our 13+ years experience in IELTS test coaching.

We have been teaching students in various countries through online training course(classes).You can

get interaction and practice benefits similar to classroom training.We use modern technology to teach

you online. Now get the audio feedback on your writing task. No matter in which part of

the world you are, we can offer you the best in online

virtual IELTS training. Students are enrolling from various countries such as

UK, USA, Australia, Middle East, Dubai, Saudi Arab,India etc.

How can you benefit from our Online Ielts Exam Preparation course?

1. IELTS is a challenging test.Get the guidance from a senior faculty with 12+ years experience.

2. It has unique set of questions with specific word limit for answers.

3. Questions are tricky.

4.There are specific requirements of the test.Non compliance of these can get you the reduced score.

5. You can save accommodation,food and traveling charges when you take online ielts


6. No compromise with the quality.

7. We set benchmarks for the industry

8. For your success online ielts training course and classes are very beneficial.

9. Personal attention and interaction during online ielts class sessions/training.

10. It is affordable.

11 Skype* sessions for online interactive ielts

training(classes)course wherein you see what the teacher is writing

on the board. Virtual classroom group training  for ielts is available( *Alternate options are possible.)

12. Regular practice of Speaking and writing module.Receive regular feedback.

13. Develop your vocabulary for getting a good band score in IELTS test.

14. Correct your grammar

15. Practice ielts  mock tests.

16. Strength then your listening and Reading skills

17. Proven record of success in online and classroom ielts training/coaching.

18. Effective,Instructive,Intensive and interactive live online ielts training sessions.

19.   Interactive learning environment as  we do not offer passive video tutorials for online ielts training.

Online IELTS training Course for Teachers, Doctors, Nurses, IT Engineers and other professionals.

Methodology for scoring 7/8/8.5/9 band score in each module of IELTS -Academic and

General Training Test : online ielts test/exam preparation course

- Familiarize yourself with exam questions

- Learn test taking strategies

-you can obtain 7/8/9 in all four skills of the test

-Flexibility in course completion

-Ample mock tests

-Guidance from India's leading ielts experts

Reading Module (Academic and General)

Learn time saving tips-Learn what strategies were beneficial to our toppers who scored 9 bands in IELTS Reading

module-Remove confusion in True/False/NG and Heading to paragraph questions.

IELTS Writing Module ( Academic and General):  online IELTS  Writing preparation course

(Task 1 and Essay Grading Services)

We can correct and grade your essays.We will guide you regarding your  English

errors (pertaining to grammar,vocabulary etc) and give suggestions for improving

the score.

We will give you the four sub-scores for your writing task.

Get audio feedback on your corrected writing tasks.

Learn winning strategies learnt & employed by our toppers who scored 8.5/9

band score in IELTS Writing test-

Learn where exactly you are losing marks- customized exercises to help you

improve your score

Integrated support to accomplish success in

Personalized feedback

Submit as many writing assignments as you can

The ielts writing assignments are corrected and marked as per ielts exam criteria

in this course

* Task Response: Learn how to present a fully developed position with relevant

and well supported ideas

*Coherence & cohesion : Learn how to sequence ideas and information

logically,how to write coherent paragraphs,cohesive devices etc

*Lexical Resource: Learn how to avoid repetition of words,how to use wide

range of vocabulary and how to convey precise meaning

*Grammatical Range and accuracy:Demonstrate your grammatical ability by

using a wide range of structures with flexibility and accuracy


Listening Module

Learn winning strategies which  our toppers found advantageous who scored 100% in Listening module- Practical

Tips to answer listening questions.


Speaking Module

Learn winning strategies used by our toppers who got 8.5/9 band score in


module- Daily practice- How to generate ideas -vocabulary support- Listen to

our toppers- Tips for

Support in improving band score in each criterion: Fluency and


Resource,Grammatical Range and Accuracy +Pronunciation

You will interact with your experienced trainer via Skype.

Faqs on "online ielts course" and "online ielts training classes" E learning Skype course.

1. Do you offer online ielts/Toefl/English course/classes/training: E learning Skype course to

students in UK/USA/Australia/Canada/Middle East/Dubai/Saudi Arabia/India?

Ans: Online ielts/English course and training is  offered through Skype (video/Audio) and through desktop

sharing to students in UK/USA/Australia/Canada/Middle East/Dubai/Saudi Arabia/India no matter whether they are in any city such as London, Liverpool, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Toronto, Vancouver, Jeddah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Muscat, Nizwa, Al Ain, Fujarah, Umm Al Quawain, Ras Al Khaimah, Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, Shefffield, Birmingham, Glasgow, Bradford, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi , Chandigarh, Vijaywada etc.Online ielts classes and courses are available for both General Training Module and Academic Module.Virtual classroom for live online interactive ielts training is also in the offing.

2. Is online ielts training : E learning Skype course (classes) available for Indian students in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Surat, Anand, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Pune, Raipur, Bhopal, Coimbatore, Howrah, Gwalior, Vijaywada, Jabalpur, Nagda, Ratlam, Cochin, Nagpur, Bhusawal, Jalgaon, Dhule, Kanpur, Thane, Vadodara, Ghaziabad, Ludhiana, Aurangabad, Jodhpur, Madurai, Mangalore, Tiruchirapalli, Noida, Bhilai, Guntur, Warangal, Nellore, Bikaner, Belgaum, Hubli, Dharwad, Mysore, Panvel, Puri, M.P., U.P, Punjab, Chhatisgarh, Gujrat, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, West Bengal students also?

Ans: Online ielts course and classes are offered through Skype (video/Audio) and through desktop

sharing to students in India for both Academic and General Training module.

3.What is the duration of online ielts preparation/training : E learning  Skype course for UK,Australia,USA, Middle East and

Ans: It may vary from 4 weeks to 12 weeks.

4.Do you provide assessment and feedback in all four sections of ielts i.e. Listening,Reading ,Writing and

Speaking also in online ielts course/classes/training/E learning Skype course?

Ans: Yes,we do.

5. What is the basis of admission for online ielts training/preparation/classes/ E learning Skype

course for NRIs in UK,Australia,Middle East,USA,China,Indonesia,Pakistan,Brazil,Russia,Bangladesh

,Japan,Mexico,Philippines,Vietnam,and Germany,Egypt,Thailand,France,Italy,South Africa,South

Korea,Myanmar,Colombia,Spain,Ukraine,Argentina,Poland,Algeria,Malaysia,Saudi Arabia,Hong


Fiji,Bhutan,Maldives,Sri Lanka

Barbados and for students in India?

Ans: Admissions for online ielts training/course/classes are given on first come first served basis.

Hence it is advisable to book the seats early to avoid disappointment.

6. How many years have you been in ielts training?

Ans: Since year 2000 we have been offering ielts training to students.

7.Can you name some of your accomplishments?

Ans: In all sections of IELTS test, our students have scored 9 band score.

8. A group of students is interested in availing virtual live online interactive training?Will you teach

the whole group and offer them live interactive virtual classroom training at a time?

Ans: Yes, we will offer them live interactive virtual classroom training at a time.The students will

be able to interact with each other as well

9.Ours is a group of 5 students. Can you offer online training to us at a time?

Ans: Yes,we will

10. I want you to courier me notes and books of IELTS?

Ans: Yes,it can be done. The courier charges should be borne by you.

Module for UK,USA,Australia,Middle East (Saudi Arabia/Dubai),Canada,India.

11.I cannot download Skype.Can you teach using Yahoo Messenger or Google Talk?

Ans: Yes,it is possible.

12.Is there any concession for NRIs joining online ielts training course?

Ans: Yes,their fee is at par with domestic students for online ielts preparation course.

13.I have taken IELTS test many a times, but I could not get 7 band score in each module.I generally get 6 or 6.5 in one or two

areas of ielts test.Do you have any special program for me?

Ans: Yes,we do have special  strategies to help you get success in ielts test.

14.Is there a difference in British Council and IDP ielts test? Is their marking different?

Ans: No.

15. Is IELTS a pen and paper test or an online test?

Ans: It is a pen and paper test.

16.Do you offer online ielts training for both Academic and general training module?

Ans: Yes,we offer online ielts training for both Academic and general training module.

17.Do you offer online ielts training through videos or or is it an interactive training?

Ans: We offer online ielts training through interactive methods.

18.Will I get personal attention? Will you design some customized exercises for me

to help me improve my score in ielts test to 7 or 8 bands?

Ans:Yes,we pay individual attention to every student and design customized exercises for them so that students can score 7 or 8 bands in each section of ielts test.

19.Teacher's/Trainer's experience is very important in ensuring a good score in ielts test?How long you have been

teaching ielts?

Ans: Our trainer has experience of 12+ years in ielts training and also the experience of teaching students in various countries.

20.For Writing module of ielts test,do you charge per assignment?

Ans: No.The student can submit as many writing assignments as they want.

21. Can you give the list of British Council And IDP,Australia's Ielts test centres in India?

Ans : The list  of British council centres in India includes Jammu ,Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada , Trivandrum, Trichy, Trichur, Thrissur , Thimphu, Surat Siligur,i Rajkot, Raipur, Pune , Pondicherry ,Patna, Patiala, New Delhi , Mumbai, Mangalore, Madurai, Ludhiana, Lucknow , Kottayam , Kolkata Kochi , Jamshedpur, Jalandhar,   Jaipur ,Indore, Hyderabad, Guwahati ,Gurgaon,  Coimbatore ,Chennai , Chandigarh , Calicut , Bhubaneswar, Bhopal, Baroda, Bangalore, Amritsar, Ahmedabad ,etc.For latest update visit http://www.britishcouncil.org.in/ielts. The list of IDP,Australia test centres in India includes: Indore,Ahmedabad,Bangalore,Chadigarh,Chennai,Dehradun,Hyderabad,Jaipur, Jalandhar,Kochi,Kolkata,Kottayam,Ludhiana,Mumbai,New Dehi,Patiala,Pune, Rajkot,Surat,Trichur,Trivendrum,Vadodra,Vishakhapattanam,Vijaywada,Jammu etc.

For more information regarding ielts test dates in 2012/2013,ielts test booking and ielts results,please visit http://www.ieltsidpindia.com

For ielts test centres in UAE/Saudi Arabia,please visit http://www.britishcouncil.org/me-uae-ielts.htm

For ielts test centres in UK,USA,Australia etc please visit: http://www.ielts.org/

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