Learn in a nation where the number of international students has tripled over the past ten years thanks to its internationally renowned universities, highly practical programmes that emphasise hands-on learning, and some of the most reasonable tuition costs among English-speaking nations. Enjoy a high standard of living in Vancouver and Toronto, two of the world's "most liveable cities," and build your career in one of the region's resource-rich, industrialised, and stable economies.


Among the wealthiest nations in the world, Canada is a land of opportunities for those who wish to study, live and prosper. Canada’s highly sophisticated economy is fuelled by sectors such as Agriculture, Energy, Technology, Manufacturing & Services. Top careers international students can look forward to include Engineering, Construction, IT, Healthcare, Law and Banking & Finance. This country enjoys a job growth rate well above its population growth rate and offers a high standard of living to all its residents including international students.

Reasons of Choosing CANADA

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